Blue Ejder is a young Swedish/English duo of Sunniva Brynnel and Aubin Vanns, performing original and traditional songs in Swedish and English, on voice and guitar.

 “Haunting, crystal clear vocals and atmospheric and subtle guitar accompaniments…beautiful.”

- John Etheridge

“This duo is such a refreshing change…
One of the things I love about this duo is the space, which, so well balanced by Aubin’s accompaniment to Sunniva’s singing, allows the listener to truly become engrossed by the reflective and passionate interpretations.
A sheer joy and heart warming!”

- Russell Van Den Berg, Saxophonist, Composer

This is beautiful music. It stops me in my tracks and reminds me why I’m a musician.

- Jamil Sheriff, Pianist, Composer

‘The duo’s distinctive sound effectively combines rootsy folk melodies with contemporary jazz harmony and rhythm, all evidently backed up by a deep knowledge of both the folk/world music and jazz disciplines.’

- Matt Anderson, The Cooler, Sela Bar

One of the most magical evenings of music we’ve had at The Lescar. Aubin’s delicate yet expressive guitar work is a perfect match for Sunniva’s wonderfully natural voice, playing folk influenced songs with a direct emotional impact, full of beautiful harmony and with space for the music to breath. Neil Yates’ flugelhorn playing was sublime, evoking by turns Chet Baker and Art Farmer with lyrical bop influenced lines, and also Arve Henriksen with long breathy tones, creating layers of additional meaning.

- Jez Matthews, The Lescar, Sheffield